Client's Name: Miami-Dade Transit
Project: Public Relations/Marketing, Advertisement
Description: Conduct surveys and research studies on transit ridership and Bus Operator recruitment. CM&A created, developed, and implemented surveys in several languages including English, Spanish and Creole.  The CM&A joint venture designed community awareness and advertising campaigns in Miami-Dade County’s three most prevalent languages – English, Spanish, and Creole.  Prepare reports on:   1)  Public opinion about public transportation  and 2) Recommend strategies for improvement and outreach to Transit Director, County Commissioners, and Mayor. 
Project Results: Improvement of County’s transit communications with citizens and increase in ridership.
Client's Name: Miami International Airport
Sub consultant with Unison Maximus
Project: Passenger Terminal Survey
Description: Conduct an airport survey at Miami International Airport (“MIA”).  The purpose of the survey was three-fold: 1) To collect demographic and travel data from departing passengers and international arriving passengers; 2) Assess customer satisfaction with respect to Airport facilities, services, and concessions among passengers and meeter/greeters, and 3) Identify opportunities to enhance overall Airport service and operations. According to the requirements of the RFP, the sample target was 2,750 surveys, including 2,000 departing passengers with an equal number (250) per concourse, 500 international arriving passengers, and 250 meeter/greeters.  Overall, the size of each sample target was statistically valid with a margin of error of +/- 3% at a 95% confidence level.  The survey sample for each group was projected within +/- 3% of the actual market.  For example, if the survey results showed that 50% of international arriving passengers are traveling for business, we are 95% confident that 47% to 53% of the international arrivals market is in fact traveling for business. 
Project Results: More than 2,750 responses were captured.  The survey results showed MIA had improved in multiple areas of customer satisfaction since the last survey in 2005.
Client's Name: Center For Airport Management
Project: DBE/Small Business Outreach – Retail Concession Program
Description: Conduct passenger satisfaction surveys at Miami International Airport to determine quality/variety of service, pricing, and experience for domestic and international passengers. CM&A also conducted research studies on Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) concession evaluation and selection at major U.S. airports (successful and unsuccessful practices); and Interviewed minority and majority businesses regarding their DBE participation in Joint Venture Projects.  Prepare reports on: 1) Best practices for selecting DBEs and 2) Results of Joint Venture Partnerships for presentation to Airport Commission, Commissioners, and Blue Ribbon Panel.  Community outreach and media relations for the Retail Concession Program.  Coordinated workshops and forum targeting DBE retailers and major retailers.  Provided consultation and strategies for reaching DBEs.  Represented MDAD at national and local industry conferences to promote airport retail programs.
Project Manager: Carmen Morris, Carmen Morris & Associates, Inc.
Sub-Consultant to CAM
Project Results: The studies led to the improvement of the DBE selection process at one airport; and revealed the pros and cons of Joint Ventures leading to improvement of the process (primarily with finance and contract renewal) at another airport.  Influenced decision, which helped to alleviate a financial hardship for one DBE leading to contract expansion, which should help its profitability, and positively impact how other DBE Joint Ventures are handled.  Led to clarification of the FAA rules regarding DBE involvement in airport concessions and financing.  Identified DBE goals for the Retail Concession Program.  Negative perceptions regarding opportunities at the airport changed to positive among local and national DBEs.
Client's Name: New World Symphony
Description: Target marketing and community outreach to identify and attract new audience members from a diversified population for a Miami Beach-based Symphony.  Created publicity and media materials directed to that potential audience.  Developed surveys, contact focus group participants and organized focus group meetings and conducted interviews including telephone interviews).  Tabulated results and prepared report. 
Project Manager: Carmen Morris & Associates, Inc. Consultant
Project Results: Increased awareness in target community of the New World Symphony.  Identified opportunities for NWS to improve community relations and increase audience diversity. 
Client's Name: Performing Arts Center
Description: Develop effective community outreach to build awareness and support in niche markets.  Researched data on similar facilities in major metropolitan areas to identify successful methods employed. Developed educational forums, strategic sessions and survey.  Assisted with press and government relations.
Project Manager: Carmen Morris & Associates, Inc. Consultant
Project Results: Identified and implemented strategies to execute successful long-term audience development goals.  Initiated Board training and staff development.  Assisted with plans for grand opening in 2003.
Client's Name: Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas
Project: Program Management Contract for the People’s Transportation Plan
Project Manager: Carmen Morris, Carmen Morris & Associates, Inc. - Sub. Consultant
Client's Name: Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas
Project: MIA/Airport Earlington Heights Connector
Project Manager: Carmen Morris, Carmen Morris & Associates, Inc. - Sub. Consultant
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